Friday, April 8, 2011


have u ever experiencing a situation whereby u work hard all ur life for something, let nothing stand in ur way to achieve it, put everything else in the backseat and never loose sight of ur priorities, then it finally came! what ever u dreamed of and prayed hard for was thrust onto ur hands.............upon getting it for real, u feel rotten about it?
Ya Allah, forgive me for i have sinned,
i have eversince lowered my forehead to the ground in syukur prayers.
i have thanks u over and over in my daily and sunnat prayers and dhuhas
but alas
i cant get rid of this rotten feeling i feel inside
why oh why i felt that i have been shortchanged?
or was it a short fall of espectations
astagfirullah hal azim!
forgive me ya Allah!

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  1. uncle!!!
    been wanting to write you email,but i guess commenting this post will do,too (kot??).

    hows life treating you? and what is up with the rotten feeling.well, if you want to share anything,feel free to find all ears :)

    keep in touch!!