Tuesday, December 14, 2010

media training

as the continous efford to publicise all new products, the good way is to train the media "hands-on" and they help to get the message across to the masses. corporate communications division undertood this mission and we brought about 20 reporters to Awana Genting and introduce to them how to look into your own ledger at the confort of your own home and how to use electronic fund transfer. it has got to be hands-on since the subject matter is very technical. i am waiting anxiously for the news coverage or reports.
usually it gives excellent ROI.

it only took 40 mins from the city to Awana Genting

packed all of them in a bus so that no one leaves my training halfway or
cabut lari when it gets very taxing - hahaha

personal coaching is given so no problem

"no warries, just click here"

i thought it's pierre andre but turned out to be a reported that
looked like him "kacang jer nih"

as a reward we took them up the resort world via the "cable-car" skyway and organized the international show "the glitz".


  1. pakcik, put more photo of you, pls!!


  2. miezi, tetiba pakcik rasa terseksi plak. ada orang nak tengok gambar lelaki hodoh! hahaha! biak p la jadi anonymous dulu.

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