Monday, December 20, 2010

cherry picking & blue mountain

salam from sydney,
i know i said i was going to take a long leave from blogging but my fingers get itchy real quick. so here are some photos of the activity while in sydney.
here are some pics of cherry picking in bathurst, a farm about 3 hours drive from sydney
acik discovering some cherries

look! there are lots here - angah

angah with his picks
achik taking a breather
along and achik at the farm

sweet, succulant cherries

end of cherry picking. now a stop over at blue mountain, on the way home.
along at the blue mountain

a story of three sisters that has been cursed into stone

understand why they call is blue mountain?
where is mum and dad? well they still want to be anonymous.


  1. enjoy cuti, pakcik!!
    ya i know ur tangan will be itchy to do some typing in here ;)

  2. tuan...ceri tu kirim la sini sket..hehe

  3. salam eq. by the time saya balik ceri sume dah kerepot atau dimakan oleh bebudak. beli jem cherry bleh? ok la kan, cherry gak, hahaha

  4. saya selalu 'curious'.. Cherry tu manis, tak? Atau macam strawberry Cameron Highland..yang masam dan indah khabar dari rupa? Thanks.