Friday, December 10, 2010


ini bukan gambar google - aku amikk sendiri

Semalam sebelum beradu aku blogwalking jap dan selalunya menjadi mandatori buatku menjengah laman blogger mari merepek dan lelakisesuxx among others.  I wish I could really write and express like these two guys. Tahu tak dalam 3 – 4 frasa jer diorang boleh tell the whole interesting story and incite ur mind to think deep into ur thought.  Isu biasa jer tapi in a notorious but humorous way, keji!.
blogger mari merepek cakap pasal being anonymous, tah camne aku tetiba teruja pasal isu tu. I honestly feel one of the very reason that makes them so goddamn hot! amongst the followers (they have lots, I tell yer) is the fact that they are anonymous.  many people think it's so very sexy. The anticipation of a chance to see the real face behind the mask/ facade is killing, its macam curiosity kills a cat?
Why sexy? Imagine this: a luscious blond name Bettyna is seen sun bathing in her skimpy smimwear at hyde park in uk. Across the globe there is a bob-haired chinadoll called Chong Tee Pu in her high-slit cheongsam walking up a spiral staircase to the upper level of a prestigeous kopitiam in hong kong. Now! who would u give a second and many glances at? I brani kerat jari if put to vote Chong would win by far.
In the case of Bettyna – now that u see-all,  what  more excitement is there left? but on the contrary things you almost see and again is hidden halfway macam chipsmore tu la – now u see, now u don’t, just like the cheongsam of Chong,  wow! the mind would trigger wild imaginations – sexy, sexy imaginations!
Having said that in HD version, there are other reasons for people to stay anonymous. As for me, “what you don’t know – don’t hurt” (hang tak nampak dengan bijik mata sendiri - hang tak tau la).
There must be an excellent reason why god made me to be short, fat and ugly (agak kurang hajar mencela pada diri ko sendiri, tinta!)  instead of tall, tan and handsome because mind you, I have the ability to end up being an actor, a hunky male model (alter ego) or eventually a gigolo. I hate to swear but if looks could kill, mine would do a terrific job. Kan being anonymous (many thanks to photoshop that enable u to distort or enhance ur features) is the only option I must take, at least that would save womenkind of eyesores and heartaches (dalam hati rasa bangga siot dapat menyelamatkan kaum hawa dari penasaran lelaki hodoh!) hahahaha!
Eh! Does that make sense to u?
sah la aku merapu dan merepek!