Thursday, October 28, 2010


something very scary yet embarrassing happened to me while i was attending a team building programme in morib october 25 - 27.

the programme started almost instantly after arrival and a quick lunch. i went to the bank on my way to the hotel earlier and i also brought my laptop along. i was very mindful of money and computer theft in hotel rooms and therefore i was desperately looking for a safe box in my room but obviously the hotel does not provide one. damn!!!!!
as a safety precaution, i turned the combination and locked the zippers of my luggage bag and off i went. the consultant started with ice breaking and there were pretty maidens that caught my eyes in the room, so must "control macho mah?". we were put to some tasks in and around the hotel and mostly by the beach. so you can imagine after the last programme at around 6pm i was drenched with sweat all over!
there was a official dinner given that nite and i was planning to put on my linen shirt with my khaki dockers pants. the trousers was still in the locked bag. oh no!!! i could not open the bag and the lock got jammed eventhough the safe combination was right!

"mampus la aku", i was thinking out loud.

zairul and sarjali, members of the organizer was nice enough to drive me to banting some 20 km away where there was a supermarket that sells travelling bag. we were sure that the sales person could unlock the bag.
to my horror, both the sales personnel in the bag section went on leave! WTH
!!! how could that be? i was asking if anyone could  give me their phone numbers so that i could get them to open my damn bag. this can't be happening to me.

two sales girls tried to unlock the combination but failed. "please! can someone else help me? i need to get things to wear from the bag for the night" then came an elderly lady and tried for few minutes, also in vain.
i began to think of alternatives. i had my ironed linen shirts out on the hanger in the closet earlier so that it would not wrinkle but everything else is in the bag. my jeans were already wet and muddy, it would produce unbearable odour if i have to resume wearing it.  the store does not carry my favourite brand but as the last resort, i might need to buy a new underwear,  but wait...... all the cash is locked in the bag. OMG! i need fresh undie!

"saya ni rabun sikit, tak brapa nampak" and that goes for me too. i am as blind as a bat without my glasses on! the only thing to do now is to break open the lock, which means it will be distroyed forever.

i swear i must have looked like "say quay or hantu cina - toreh pun tak berdarah!" it was quite an expensive branded leather travelling bag, mind you, and it's my favourite.
i could find excuses for not attending the dinner but still, the problem would not end there, what was i supposed put on for the next two remaining days? somebody told me there will be "kambing golek" as the main dish. roast lamb and i are the best of friends, i can't abandoned the beast!

memang confirm mampus la aku.

suddently, "kak! just tell me how to unlock the bag" sarjali said "i can see better". reluctantly she gave in saying that it was a trade secret and she should not have showed the procedures to anyone. after trying for almost an hour by the couple, the lock gave a click sound and voila! the lock was undone! Alhamdulillah!

i was so happy i almost gave her a  kiss on the cheek, but i was also sure she would run away screaming "rogol! rogol! rogolllllllllllll!".

from the bottom of my heart, thank you zairul, sarjali and siti marfuhah for the "great help". u guys have just displayed what team spirit was all about. usually, things always happen when you least expect it, but god has a way of showing you that whenever you are in dire straits, there will be some one out there to lend a helping hand. a little doa helps tremendously, insyAllah!

zairul then put on his "batu-tiga" gear and we made it for the dinner. of course after a good bath and in my fresh linen shirt and khaki dockers and fresh underwear, i felt oh! so-very-macho!


pelakon utama entri di atas

from left: Sarjali (1st) Zairul (3rd)