Sunday, October 17, 2010


a quick glance at my handphone
it shows the temperature ranges from 31 - 34 degrees. panas tuh!
but i am not going to talk about the weather....

there are people who make a life of screaming at other people.
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if things go wrong, if they don't get what they wanted, people don't do exactly as they have been instructed they SCREAMMMMM.

please forgive me for saying this and i am not gender bias but lady boses do this sort of thing a lot!
the higher they are (in positions) the louder they scream.
they scream so loud i feel the earth moved under my feet.

little did they know that screaming at subordinates in front of an audience is so uncool, so pathetatic, so barbaric!
they are making a mockery of only themselves, which is equivalent to a donkey if only they realised.

but i personally think they look like a p*g!

the unability to control anger, and throwing tantrums for a boss is a defect!
they have no finess!

the thing is, people like them get away with murder!
not only they have no shame, they have no conscience at all.
and they have no illness.

it's people like us that suffer from heart attack due to bottling up the anger inside.
it's a real agony isn't it?

you may say it's not fair!
but mind you! fairness is only the colour of the skin.

so..smokers! get away from me!
i might just explode anytime soon.

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